Friday, February 20, 2015

DIY Personalized Beach Pails

Personalized Beach Pails How to
how to beach pail personalized
At a relatively cheap price, you can create these personalized pails. They make great end of the year gifts for students or favors for birthday parties. The personalization is an easy and quick way to kick them up a notch. 
  • Pails : The one used below came from the 99 cents store for $1.49. There is no reason to spend more. A plastic pail is a plastic pail. 
  • Elmer's Painters: I purchased these on Ebay in assorted colors. All craft stores sell them. 
* Keep wet and dry paper towels around to clean up mistakes. If you make a mistake (like I did) you can wipe off the paint right away and start over. 
Personalized Beach Pails
Personalized Beach Pails
Personalized Beach Pails
How to write names on beach pail

I gave these out to my second graders right before summer vacation. On each pail, I wrote the 
student's name and drew a picture. My co-teacher and I also filled the pails with books, and candy. The kids were so excited.

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