Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Oh Baby

About two short months ago we welcomed our little angel into the world, Madison Grace. Being a new parent can be tough and we are still in the process of figuring everything out.

Below are my picks for must have baby products. They are real problem solvers and have made everything so much easier.

1. Nosefrida Snot Sucker + Little Remedies Saline Drops I put off buying this for a long time. I thought it was gross, but I use these two powerhouses every single day. It is winter and with the heat inside and the cold outside, she can get very stuffy. Those bulb suckers are useless but this works like a charm. I put the saline drops in first, then use the Nosefrida to suck out those baby boogers. It's really not as gross as it sounds and no you don't get anything in your mouth.

2. SKUBB box drawer organizers. We picked up 8 sets of these bad boys before she was born and used them to organize her drawers. Baby clothes are tiny and I needed to be able to reach for something with one hand and find it quickly. These help me separate and organize baby mitts, headbands, bows, hats, socks, tethers, medicine, diapers, swaddles, pjs, onesies, etc. We opted for black but they come in 4 colors: white, black, turquoise, and pink.

3. Soothies Pacifier We didn't use a pacifier until she was about a month old but now I can't imagine not having it. Baby girl can get cranky when she's tired, and this instantly calms her and helps her fall asleep.

4. Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit This right here is a game changer. I want to stop every pregnant person on the street and tell them about this. This fluffy ensemble resembles a snow suit and has changed my life. For the first 6 weeks after our girl was born, she kept us up all night long sleeping for stretches as long as 2 hours and as short as 15 minutes!

Then this came in the mail. That night, desperate for change, we gave her a bath and her "final" feeding. Then we zipped her into this and held her until she fell asleep. When I woke up it was almost 7am! She had slept through the night! The next night she woke up ONE time to feed and has either slept through the night entirely or woken up only once ever since.

5. Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer This works so quickly & I love the beep feature that alerts you when it's done.

6. MamaRoo Infant Seat & Insert The MamaRoo seat is great when the baby needs to be held and you need to do something crazy like eat or brush your teeth. It offers different motions like "tree-swing" and "car ride" with adjustable speed settings and various white noise selections.

7. UPPA Baby Vista This is a practical stroller for getting around with your baby. It has a huge basket underneath for storage, it folds up easily, fits a carseat, and has built in UV filters to protect from the sun. However, this stroller has been used more indoors than outdoors. Before baby girl was born, we purchased a crib and a bassinet. However wanting the baby as physically close to us as possible, the baby spent the first month sleeping in the bassinet on this beautiful stroller. Now that baby girl sleeps in her crib, we use the bassinet feature on the stroller to keep our sleeping baby close when we're cooking in the kitchen. The wheels are huge and it glides so smoothly. It comes with 2 seating options and can fit up to 3 children when you add other accessories to it.

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