Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Favorite New Product: The Camera Wrap

I love my DSLR camera! When I first bought it, I saw a difference instantly in the quality of my photos- even in auto. Then my pictures really improved when I upgraded from the kit lens to a 35mm 1.8 prime lens and 50mm 1.4. I was finally able to master the blurry background that I loved. Finally, the pictures improved even more when I learned to shoot in manual mode.
However, even after spending all that time to learn, and the money on the equipment, I barely used the camera! A major reason for that was I HATED carrying it around. I would have to bring a big bag, that fit my huge padded camera case to make sure I didn't scratch the display with my keys or anything else in the bag. The bulky case also had a clip and zipper closure which made it a mission to take it out and put it away between snapping pictures.
Then, I bought this...

This is the Camera Wrap from kmdesigns09. It is a small camera case/camera insert made to fit in any bag! It's protective and practical and comes in 4 colors - red, hot pink, turquoise, and black(shown). You give them the dimensions of your camera and they make you a padded wrap that secures with Velcro. I was able to order the standard size for my camera (5"x4"x6") but there is no extra charge for the custom sizing. It holds the camera snug to keep it in place and takes up WAY less space in my bag. I was also going to purchase another wrap a tiny bit larger to fit my camera when it's attached to my tripod clip, but because the whole wrap secures with Velcro, I was able to adjust it to fit both with and without the clip.
I debated between the camera wrap and camera cube for a while. I figured the cube would be easier to quickly reach for and get great action shots of Baby M, but the wrap with the added closure on top made me feel safer when stuffing it into my diaper bag just incase something spilled or fell on top of it. Plus the Velcro would make it easier to access even with the top.
The best part about this was the price. The Camera Wrap was only $25 and the Camera Cube was only $20! Now I actually bring my DSLR camera out of the house resulting in much better photos.

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