Friday, July 18, 2014

Our Wedding Day Details

Our wedding day was the funnest day ever! It was so fun to have everyone we love from all the dimensions of our life, together in one space to share our joy. We got married in February and a snow storm had just passed in New York. There was snow on the ground and the threat of rain, but it all held out for our special day. 
The Ceremony

Our First Dance
Us having fun/Cake Cutting

My suave husband

Getting Ready

Our family & bridal party on the limo bus ( That broke down twice!) 

Our Centerpieces
Our Favors

Our Cake

 Bride & Groom chair signs using the Carolyna Pro Black font seen here:
 My 5 Favorite Fonts & Where to Find Them.

The Dress & Monogrammed hanger

My bouquet
I loved the charms that I made to include loved ones that had passed on. I purchased them from Perfect Pendants on Etsy and followed their simple directions. Everything was included except the photos and they only took about 5 minutes to make. I then dropped them off at the florist and they attached them for free. 

* All photos were taken by the super talented Adeline Ramos for George Street Photo* 


  1. Beautiful wedding! You look absolutely gorgeous, Jen!