Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Wedding Favors: Personalized Hot Cocoa & Mugs

(Photo by Adeline Ramos for George Street Photo)

 We ordered these for our guests. They come packaged as blank white packages with sheets of personalized label stickers. I did not know this when I ordered them, but it really didn't take much time to do. The stickers were also thick enough that if I made a mistake and put the label on in the wrong spot, I could peel it off and try again without ripping it. We ordered the whisks on the side and planned on giving out those two as favors.

That was until my mom came across the personalized mugs.

We ordered our mugs from this website. It was the only option I found that was affordable and I spent hours looking. When you place your order, they warn you that some may break during shipping. We ordered extra to be on the safe side, but every single mug arrived safe and sound.

I picked up some plastic gift bags and rolls of purple ribbon at the Dollar Tree and recruited help. We spent about 2 hours adding the stickers to the cocoa packets, filling each mug with the cocoa and whisk, and tying bows to each favor.

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